Evaluation Period

  • You can evaluate the library for several months before purchasing it.
  • The latest version always contains a trial that expires at the end of the month.
  • You can extend your trial for several months by downloading the latest version at the start of every month.
  • If you want to use the library for personal use or educational purpose, it's possible by downloading the latest version once per month.

How can I purchase the library?

  • You can purchase the library here
  • Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a license name and a license key.
  • Make sure to check your SPAM folder if you don't receive the license within 24h.

Setup License

Upon purchase completion, an email will be sent with your license key information.

	-- The procedure is automatically called when the server restart/assembly load
	-- If the assembly is already loaded, a manual execution is required
	-- EXEC SQLNET_Configuration
	DECLARE @isValid BIT = SQLNET::AddLicense('[LicenseName]', '[LicenseKey]')

	-- SELECT 1
	SELECT @isValid

We recommend to always re-install the Eval-SQL.NET Script after enabling the license to ensure everything works if the server restart.

You can verify if the license is valid with the following command:

-- RETURN 1 if the license is valid.
SELECT SQLNET::AddLicense('[LicenseName]', '[LicenseKey]')