SQL Eval Function File_Replace

File_Replace replaces the contents of a specified file with the contents of another file, deleting the original file, and creating a backup of the replaced file and optionally ignores merge errors.

	@sourceFileName NVARCHAR (MAX),
	@destFileName NVARCHAR (MAX),
	@destBackupFileName NVARCHAR (MAX),
	@ignoreMetadataErrors BIT


  • sourceFileName: The name of a file that replaces the file specified by destinationFileName.
  • destFileName: The name of the file being replaced.
  • destBackupFileName: The name of the backup file.
  • ignoreMetadataErrors: true to ignore merge errors (such as attributes and access control lists (ACLs)) from the replaced file to the replacement file; otherwise, false.


EXEC File_Replace @sourceFileName = 'C:\Temp\MyTest.txt', @destFileName = 'C:\Temp\MyNewTest.txt', @destBackupFileName = 'C:\Temp\MybackupTest.txt', @ignoreMetadataErrors = 0