SQL Eval Function Directory_GetFileSystemEntries

Directory_GetFileSystemEntries returns a list of all the file names and directory names that match a search pattern in a specified path, and optionally searches subdirectories.

Directory_GetFileSystemEntries (
	@path NVARCHAR (MAX)),
	@searchPattern NVARCHAR (MAX)


  • path: The relative or absolute path to the directory to search. This string is not case-sensitive.
  • searchPattern: The search string to match against the names of files in path. This parameter can contain a combination of valid literal path and wildcard (* and ?) characters, but it doesn't support regular expressions.
  • searchOption: One of the enumeration values that specifies whether the search operation should include all subdirectories or only the current directory.


You can use one of the following options.

SearchOption Integer Value Descritpiton
TopDirectoryOnly 0 Includes only the current directory in a search operation.
AllDirectories 1 Includes the current directory and all its subdirectories in a search operation. This option includes reparse points such as mounted drives and symbolic links in the search.


An list of file the file names and directory names that match the specified search criteria, or an empty list if no files or directories are found.


SELECT * FROM Directory_GetFileSystemEntries('C:\Logs', '*.html', 1)
SELECT * FROM Directory_GetFileSystemEntries('C:\Temp', '*.pdf', 0)