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Past Winner (One every month!)
2024-07-15: Janbolot Sabyrbekov (Freelancer)
This EF Extensions lib is awesome!
I have tried a lot libs like this, but lots of them either were slow or ate a lot of computer resources, also the amount of functionality was not as flexible as this.
I will continue use this tool and prefer over other.

2024-06-15: Eduardo Mendonça Braga (Freelancer)
Show essa biblioteca!
Muito util em relação a inserção em massa para software com alto grau de integração de dados entre outros aplicativos!

(EN: Show that library! Very useful in relation to bulk insertion for software with a high degree of data integration among other applications!)

2024-04-15: Yang Moua from DevPros
This extension has help reduce the code from 5- 10 lines to one line and that fact that I don't have to do a loop and apply the update is absolutely amazing.
I really hope I win a free license every month because honestly, I love free library.
Even if I don't win this, and have to pay a enterprise version, then I will to help support this product.
We all need to live and being part as a human-being is to help each other.
Life is Beautiful!!! Cheers.

2024-03-15: Tom Ottman from AutoRecalls
This library has saved us tons of development time and improved our application tremendously.

2024-02-15: Oscar Torres (Freelancer)
I love your lib!
I use it a lot for bulk insert and to getting a list from a tabla. I would like to continue using its functionality because I know it is a very useful tool.

2024-01-15: Stephane Giromini from SAM Research
I have tried the free trial and I found it amazing regarding performance!!
It will be great to get it on our solution in SAM.

2023-12-15: Micheal Hoang (Freelancer)
Awesome extensions!

2023-11-15: Marlon Baez from Baroli Technologies
I am pleasantly surprised at the speed with which I can now add records to the database.
I have to process files daily of more than 100,000 records each and previously I had to aggregate them in packages of 2,500 records.
This took a long time to process the whole file. Now in several seconds, I can add them all. It is very impressive.
Thank you so much.

2023-10-15: Luca from Euroged s.r.l
My most sincere congratulations for your work and all the effort that you spent in this scenario (I can't live without EF).
I think that Entity Framework Extensions and Dapper Plus are the best extensions that I ever tried, but unfortunately it's too expensive for me like single dev or a small company like the one I working for.
Thanks for all and best regards.

2023-09-15: Jhon Paul Del Valle from iCXeed
I already used it and added in enterprise application that assigned to me, this library makes the entity framework more flexible and speed up it performance, ef is a good library but you made it more powerful.
Maybe if I will win in this contest I will use the license to my personal projects only and if my client really need a library to speed up of inserting up to 30k of records.
I will recommend this library for their commercial application to use the other functionalities and they need to pay for the library.
Business is business hehe just kidding but overall I really love this library.

2023-08-15: Alex (Freelancer)
After conducting thorough testing, I must say that I am genuinely impressed with the results.
Entity Framework Extensions has made a substantial impact on the performance of my application, particularly in scenarios where I need to insert a significant number of entities.
Previously, this process would take approximately 2 to 3 minutes, but with Entity Framework Extensions, it has been reduced to a mere 5 to 10 seconds.
The performance boost is remarkable, and it has significantly improved the efficiency of my application.

2023-07-15: Maximillian Ronaldo Manalu (Freelancer)
Dapper plus make development with data easy , less code, and make a good for benchmark.

2023-06-15: João Margatho from SMAR APD
I'm in love with your lib, It solved some problems of my project, like bulkinsert.

2023-05-15: Rawwad Beaini from Fusion Compliance Technologies
The function were are using is exactly what we need, very fast bulk insert with all related tables.
I would have preferred if the functions were separated into different libraries and for a cheaper price. We example we are only using the bulk insert from json to sql.
Thank you and keep us the good work.

2023-04-15: Pramish (Freelancer)
I started using Dapper Plus for a project which needs to have a bulk insert and update functionality. 
What amazed me is that Dapper Plus made my life so much easier with auto mapping. Not having previously used any ORM except entity Framework now I realized how advanced it is. 
Since I do not have to worry about maintaining the queries I can focus on something else to make the program better. Also the bulk inserts, updates and merges are blazing fast.
Right now I do not have special demands but as I keep using it there might be something in the future.

2023-03-15: John from White Daisy
Your library is working very well, and performance is significantly better than via individual updates. It was easy to setup and the code is very readable!

2023-02-15: Melger Stander from Tsogo Sun
I'm a self-taught C# programmer and currently not in a programming position but designing windows applications for my work place to learn.
My payment is knowledge J I’ve been searching high and low how to import my data from excel to SQL database and to update my database.
I came across dapper and whoo-hooo…. All problems and answers solved. What a pleasure, so easy and quick. Dapper Plus is the way to go no doubt about it!!

2023-01-15: Huân Nguyễn from VNPT Điện Biên
I'm a C# developer. I usually used libraries (Dapper, Dapper.Oracle, Dapper.Transaction) for many years straight. Your library has helped me a lot in building great apps. Libraries are not only easy to use but also provide outstanding performance for my application. Many thanks for that.
As mentioned above the libraries work very well I feel great working with your libraries.
Currently, I am looking forward to using Dapper Plus (BulkInsert, BulkMerge) for my new project.

2022-12-15: Henry Morales from AutoShopOffice
It significantly improved the performance of our project, most importantly on the bulk insert and updates.
We're very satisfied with performance gains.

2022-11-15: Nick Karageorge (Freelancer)
The entity framework itself is not enough out of the box. Change tracking is nice and all, but you can only accomplish so much when individually updating rows. How can anyone live without the ability to batch update or delete? Why not leverage the actual power of your database? Not to mention the support is exceptional. They get back to you the next day right away. And you can replace "batch" with "bulk" if this needs to be specifically for the extensions library.

2022-10-15: Alexsey (Freelancer)
Of course, the result is immediately visible, an application, such as ASP.NET Core, works with databases many times faster, and no matter what database it is, the speed has increased by about 4 times when working with MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL

2022-09-15: Marcelo from Avanade
From the tests I did using the library, I managed not only to achieve the results I expected, but the speed surprised me.

2022-08-15: Joey Stevense from VBE | MSA Group
We are using ZZZ projects for the Batch Delete method which is very helpful.
This way we don't have to write and execute raw queries.
If we would win a license we would definitely use the other Batch operations as well.
For example the Synchronize or Merge methods might help us a lot with the synchronization code we currently have between 2 sql databases.

2022-07-15: Elvis from GeoSOFT Studio D.O.O.
I have to say your library is such a cool product and I like it. I have large collections to insert and delete, and when I use it, it improves the performance of my application.
For now, insert and delete options are enough for me.

2022-06-15: Antoine Afflalo (Freelancer)
I've done couple of test with thousands of simultaneous merge and the performance are impressive.
Especially when you combine the performance with the possibility to set what is the unique key to choose when to insert or update.
So powerful.

2022-05-15: Alexis (Freelancer)
It is excellent to have performance improvements with external tools.

2022-04-15: Linch Arnold from Hanlin Technology Co. Ltd.
I use the EF Core to import 70000 test data to database, it just take less than 30 sec when I use ZZZ Projects.
If I do use the basic EF Core, the importation seems never succeed.
The ZZZ project’s performance is really impress me.

2022-03-15: Jens from SoftwareONE
It works really good. I prefer using the Bulk-Update-Method for faster inserts/updates on large datasets.
Best EF-Extension, I know. Thank you very much for this awesome product

2022-02-15: Oussama Ess (Freelancer)
How is your assessment going? She is magnificent
Are you satisfied with your performance gains? Yes I am very satisfied, she is very fast

2022-01-15: Michael Zheng (Freelancer)
I love the extensions, and the gains are real. I recently tried out the Audit extension and found it very practical.

2021-12-15: Roberson (Freelancer)
Your solution was very useful and fixed my performance problem. I excited when I saw MyContext.BulkSaveChanges() running 100 records in less than 10s. Before, it was wasting more than 10min when I was using MyContext.SaveChances().

2021-11-15: Lorenzo Righini (Freelancer)
I am using your library to perform multiple bulk operations and the variety of methods that are available is simply stunning! There is a most anything one could desider :)

2021-10-15: Igor (Freelancer)
In their reporting system. Earlier, I tried to load 100000+ entities on 30 columns using an EF. This lasted over 20 minutes. But after I tried BulkInsert, the insert operation took a matter of seconds. That was incredible.

2021-09-15: Tran from Powergate software
First, thank you for your response. I am really really surprised with your Z.Entityframework.Extension. It's super amazing.It helps me a lot when I insert data, especially using Bulk Merge. The performance is very good and I love it.

2021-08-15: Sylvain (Freelancer)
I am astonished by the quality and the performance of the library. I was struggling in an online agent based simulation when trying to update 2M rows every minute using the default EFCore SaveChanges implementation. Installed the nugget package, read a little bit of documentation, and in less than 10 minutes, the problem was solved ! Dividing my update time by 5x !

2021-07-15: Adrian from Bluntt Internet Services
We, and the client, are overjoyed that by refactoring the code to use the extensions we were able to reduce the time required for the task from 90 minutes down to under 2 minutes and in the process making us look amazing good! Thank you!

2021-06-15: Peter from The Modern Milkman
Nothing can beat the performance of the BulkInsert, it is truly mind-blowing!

2021-05-15: Pablo from Diputación De Albacete
What can I say? Your library is simply amazing!

2021-04-15: John from Tonic
I refactored the code to use the BulkUpdate extension in your package, and the results were pretty awesome. The request went from taking 4 + minutes to 15 – 17 seconds!

2021-03-15: Cemil from Performans
It is remarkable. I can do more in less time!

2021-02-15: Grant from G.W.Consultancy
Very satisfied so far!

2021-01-15: Marc from UMC Utrecht
Great product, really adds value to .net core. Performance has jumped up significantly while using bulkInsert!

2020-12-15: Marcin from MMnet
We are testing EF extensions in a few of our projects, and it is much faster than using standard EF methods. We are very pleased with the evaluation result!

2020-11-15: Frank from Ronesoft Limited
I've been using two of your NuGet packages, the first being the System.Linq.Dynamic and Z.EntityFramework.Extensions.

The first package solved a thorny problem of dynamically setting search order, which is awesome. Saves a lot of extra code.

The second, we are primarily using to import a massive amount of records. Again a very thorny problem for our use.

2020-10-15: Andre (Freelancer)
I like to use Entity Framework Extensions because this framework gives me the possibility to save data faster than the normal Entity Framework.

2020-08-15: Wangke (Freelancer)
With your library, The bulk insert function is very convenient to use and does not require excessive changes and modifications.

2020-07-15: Marijan (Freelancer)
I'm very satisfied with your great product! It makes bulk operations so easy for me.

2020-06-15: Eirik from Escali Financial Systems AS
The framework has delivered what I needed.

2020-05-15: Cristian from Doc Flow
I must say that the library with Bulk methods is really fast compared to the good old SaveChanges!

2020-04-15: Hassan (Freelancer)
I love the extensions, and the gains are real. I recently tried out the Audit extension and found it very practical.

2020-03-15: Fredrik from Dentsu Aegis Network
The library is awesome, and had been a great help for our Project!

2020-02-15: Amin from (Freelancer)
I need to apply for some work on an entity without need to fetch it from the data source, and these extensions do that exactly as I expected.

2020-01-15: Emre from TDS-V
With your library, I can easily update and delete rows WITHOUT having to select them first + bulk insert many rows; That improved the performance greatly.

2019-12-15: Pavel from Binary Solution
With your library, I was able to load, change and save approximately 27000 records in less than 2 minutes. Without your library, it was an unrealizable task with a standard EF framework.

2019-11-15: Joseph from Rotageek
It's been very nice how we have been able to implement your product without having to make significant changes to our codebase.

2019-10-15: Patrick from The PMB Group

2019-09-15: Jason from FarmApp

2019-08-15: Corydon from CGB Diversified Services
Without EF Plus and EF Extensions Entity Framework would just be awful to work with. I'm so glad I ran across your company/software.